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Holiday Treats

Treat your family and friends to something sweet this Christmas. This treat is one of my all time favorite because everyone loves them and they don’t require much time to make. It is surprisingly easy to remember this recipe and you will love adding it to many more Christmas’ to come. 🎄


8 oz bag of pretzels

1/2 cup crushed candy canes

1 tbsp coconut oil

8oz semisweet chocolate (1 1/4 cup)


  1. Line a large rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.
  2. Place the semisweet chocolate and 1 1/2 teaspoons coconut oil in a microwave-safe bowl. Heat for 30 seconds, stir, then continue heating in 15-second bursts, stirring between each.
  3. Dip the pretzels into the chocolate, leaving one corner undipped. Shake off any excess and use a knife to wipe any excess chocolate. Place on the prepared baking sheet and sprinkle with crushed candy cane.
  4. Use half of the pretzels to dip in white chocolate or dark chocolate for variety.


What happens when you don’t eat for several hours?

The sugar molecules that are found in the blood are called blood glucose.  Glucose is the main source of energy for body cells. Typically, bodies can regulate blood glucose with two hormones; insulin and glucagon.  These hormones are synthesized, stored and secreted by the pancreas.  The process of digestion breaks down carbohydrates in the body into glucose, causing a rise in blood glucose levels.  After the rise in blood glucose, beta cells of the pancreas release insulin.  It is important to know that glucose can not cross cell membranes without the help of insulin.

After glucose crosses a cell membrane, insulin goes straight to tissues bringing glucose into the cell.  Insulin stimulates the liver and muscle, storing glucose as glycogen (stored carbohydrates).  Blood glucose levels decline when one doesn’t eat for several hours.  Alpha cells are stimulated because of this, which tells the pancreas to release the hormone called glucagon. Glycogenolysis is the breakdown of glycogen.  Glucagon stimulates this in order to release glucose.  Gluconeogenesis is the process where amino acids are converted into glucose.

The main thing to take away from this is that, in order for your body to function depends on the regulation of individual glucose levels.

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Do we all scream for ice cream?


I don’t eat ice cream BUT this is for all of you ice cream lovers out there.


According to the Organic Consumers Association Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has tested and found traits of Glyphosate in its ice creams. Glyphosate is a chemical and a known carcinogen that is commonly found in the popular weed killer, RoundUp.


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Tilapia… gross! 


Many people eat tilapia fish because it does not have a fishy smell or fishy taste and is inexpensive.  What most people do not know is that tilapia is the second most farmed fish in the entire world.  Did you know that tilapia can carry ten times the amount of carcinogens as other fish due to the accumulated toxins in their farmed environment. Tilapia are given large amounts of antibiotics, industrial grade chemicals and pesticides which would naturally kill wild marine life.  These farm raised tilapia contain high levels of dioxins, which is linked to the development and progression of cancer.  

Farm raised tilapia contains less protein, less omega 3 and deficient in providing vital nutrients.  Tilapia increases the fatty acid compound arachidonic acid which precedes Alzheimer’s Disease.  

Tilapia is mainly farmed in China and consumed mostly by Americans because Tilapia will eat just about anything.  Farmed tilapia are commonly fed GMO corn, GMO soy pellets and chicken & pig poop, literally.

Consuming farmed tilapia may cause poor health, insulin resistance, cancer and fatty liver disease.  

I encourage my nutrition clients to stay away from tilapia for these very important health reasons.  

California winning

Did You Know: The key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup is a chemical linked to cancer? 🚫 Glyphosate is a known carcinogen with common risks to cancer, reproductive risks, and birth defects. 

☀ California now will list cancer warning labels on Monsanto’s popular weed killer Roundup. ☀
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The grocery store Whole Foods  is now owned by Amazon, sold for $13.7B USD in cash.  Amazon, the online place that sells things cheaper and faster than brick & mortar store fronts. 🚫 As a small business owner it is important to stress the importance of shopping locally. 🚫 What’s next for organic foods? 


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Nitrogen Balance

Many people are unaware of what nitrogen balance is or how necessary it is.  Nitrogen balance can not be mentioned without mentioning protein first.  Protein is the key here because every protein molecule is 16% nitrogen, which is retained by the body as part of the protein chain.  One’s dietary intake can be assessed by protein recommendations and protein intake estimates.

Protein intake estimates can be measured by how much nitrogen is consumed and subtract how much nitrogen is excreted.  This is excreted in the form of uria or urine.  Most people with stable weight are in nitrogen balance because they consume as much nitrogen as they excrete.  Some people are in positive nitrogen balance because their bodies are in need of more protein, therefore they ingest more than they excrete.  Those people are pregnant women, children, body builders and those recovering from a surgery or are ill.  The goal for the average person is to achieve a neutral nitrogen balance.  People who are ill or starving are found to be in a negative nitrogen balance because they excrete more than they consume.   This is pretty basic information but I want people to learn that monitoring nitrogen balance is a great way to make sure that your protein needs are being met.


nitrogen balance

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